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Plan Sponsor Testimonials

DRS recently took a film crew to visit a number or our clients and ask them about their relationship with DRS; why they chose us, why they keep us, and how we serve their needs.

The result was a set of testimonials that demonstrate DRS’ dedication to excellence and our devotion to the success of our clients.

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Investment Advisor Interview

In addition to satisfied clients, DRS partners with many of the most successful and capable retirement plan advisors in the country.

To see why some of those advisors use DRS as their preferred third party administrator, simply click on the link below.

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Fiduciary Relief

Providing Plan Fiduciaries with Investment Support

Digital Retirement Solutions is pleased to announce the launch of Fiduciary Relief*. This all-inclusive program provides plan sponsors and fiduciaries with unbiased, independent research, selection, and on-going monitoring of the investment options offered in your plan. Fiduciary Relief is available in any DRS recordkeeping program and offered at no additional cost.

Professionally Developed Investment Line-up
Innovest Portfolio Solutions, LLC. is an independent registered investment advisor under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 and provides investment related consulting services to trustees, fiduciaries, and plan sponsors. The Fiduciary Relief investment fund line-up has been developed by Innovest exclusively for DRS clients to:

1. Allow a plan fiduciary to manage the investment portfolio in compliance with ERISA,

2. Permit participants to choose from a broad range of investment alternatives , and

3. Provide investment options that are professionally managed and evaluated on an on-going basis.

Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
The Investment Policy Statement, prepared by Innovest, is a valuable tool in documenting the processes used to select and monitor the investment line-up in the Plan. The IPS is reviewed and updated as necessary by Innovest at least annually.

Quarterly Performance Reports
Custom quarterly performance reports are provided by Innovest. These comprehensive reports cover macro-economic and market conditions and detailed investment level information with an analysis of why the managers performed or under-performed.

Ongoing Investment Monitoring
The products (mutual funds, collective investment trusts, etc.) in the investment line-up are monitored by Innovest on an ongoing basis. This monitoring is not a simple regurgitation of performance versus benchmarks but intense analysis to understand “why” performance happened, good or bad. This enables better forward-looking decisions making about these products and managers.

Level Compensation & No Compensation Options
The Fiduciary Relief investment line-up provides for level compensation, in the form of 12b-1 commissions, to be paid to a broker-dealer servicing the plan. This program also provides a no-compensation investment line-up for plans without a financial advisor or who are serviced by a fee-based advisor.

No Additional Cost
There is no additional cost to a plan or plan sponsor to use the Fiduciary Relief program.

*The Fiduciary Relief program does not eliminate fiduciary responsibility but offers a safe harbor regarding investment selection and monitoring responsibilities. Other fiduciary responsibilities still apply. Ultimately fiduciary responsibility can be delegated but it cannot be abdicated.

Interactive Investment Advice

DRS offers comprehensive online investment advice and retirement planning tools that have been seamlessly integrated with DRS’ website to allow participants to build and implement a personalized plan with a single mouse click.

Best of all, these programs work in harmony with each Plan’s financial advisor to provide participants the ideal mix of investment education that is both high touch and personal, as well as convenient and on-demand.

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Enrollment Starter Kit: Your Personal Guide to Retirement Planning

These fully customized booklets lead new plan participants through the process of successful retirement planning by helping them estimate retirement income needs, assess risk tolerance, and select appropriate investments.

The easy-to-use, comprehensive booklet is tailored for each Plan’s unique features – including a welcome letter, summary of plan features, and fund fact sheets. Best of all, this booklet complements the educational services being provided by each Plan’s financial advisor to give participants unsurpassed access to investment education.

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Paycheck Inserts

Need to increase plan participation, announce an enrollment meeting, or encourage employees to take advantage of the company match? DRS can help with fully customizable paycheck inserts to provide a simple but highly effective way to communicate important retirement plan information to all of your employees.

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DRS Update

The DRS Update Newsletter is a quarterly newsletter distributed to Plan Sponsors and Financial Advisors to help them stay informed and up-to-date on plan procedures, new services, new regulations, etc. We focus on issues that may impact you and your plan participants.

October 2017 - Vol 17 Issue 4

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