Our Strengths

The choice of a third party administrator is a decision that affects every level of your organization. It is a decision that should not be based on price alone, but on a number of important factors. Careful consideration should be given to how committed your future administrator is to your plan, how well they marry the technological and regulatory demands of the retirement plan industry, and how attuned they are to your plan’s unique needs. DRS makes this decision easy. We are dedicated to always providing our clients with personal, professional service. We are more than just a third-party administration provider; we are your administration partners.


Few things set administration providers apart more than dedication. Before you choose a third party administrator, you should ask some questions: Are they dedicated to the wellbeing of our plan? Are they dedicated to our participants and providing them with consistently high service? Are they dedicated to providing us the information necessary to make educated decisions? Whether it’s offering flexible administration packages, providing Plan and Participant Support that is second to none, or developing an Automated Compliance Alert System that reminds our clients of outstanding issues; DRS consistently shows the dedication you want from your third party administrator.


Customer Service that stands out above the rest is the core value that drives the DRS team every day. DRS’ Customer Service professionals are meticulously selected from within our own organization based on a set of professional and personal skills we consider vital to ensuring our clients the best possible customer service experiences. Our services are never outsourced, and our team is designed to efficiently and consistently exceed expectations. With DRS you are assured of comprehensive, timely, and friendly personalized attention.


The environment in which defined contribution plans exist presents unique challenges. New regulations or regulatory interpretations can rapidly change the way defined contribution plans are run. These changes can present insurmountable obstacles for some plan administrators, especially if their current software application has not been updated to take these changes into account. At DRS, we write all of our software, from website and recordkeeping modules to the compliance testing and alert systems. Our software programmers are experienced pension professionals with a high level of programming knowledge, not programmers with limited pension knowledge. This enables our software to be reliable and adaptable in the world of ever-changing government regulations. The end result is a seamless, highly integrated system of administration specific applications that are the vanguard of the industry.


DRS is dedicated to providing personal service and personalized solutions tailored to our client’s needs. Our systems and services are continually being enhanced and updated. Our approach to new features is one of appropriate innovation. We refuse to live on the bleeding edge of technology for little more than marketing effect as this approach often leads to more problems than it solves. Our commitment is to offering new features that improve our already robust offerings and, more importantly, improve client and participant systems interactions. Some noteworthy services include: email account statements, graphics-based historical participant account information, direct deposit for plan contributions, and our Automated Compliance Alert System that continually reviews plan data and deposits and automatically notifies plan administrators well in advance of a problem.