Our Team

Empowering talented people in an innovative team environment

DRS enjoys a reputation for third party administration services that consistently exceed clients’ expectations. This level of service excellence comes from hiring the best people and equipping them to excel.

We seek out energetic, resourceful individuals who are passionate about what they do—people with a penchant for going the extra mile. We then empower these service-focused employees to pursue solutions that improve the client’s overall experience. Our staff does more than provide personal service—they become actively involved in the betterment of every client’s plan.

Operational/Team Structure

To encourage a dynamic work environment and maximize efficiency, DRS is structured around operational teams. While sharing the same corporate focus, each team brings to bear its own unique strengths to further amplify our level of service. This approach fosters a process that is as adaptable as it is robust, allowing us to quickly implement changes, and to seamlessly respond to the evolving needs of our clients.

The bottom line: Our team of highly motivated, experienced pension professionals is empowered to find ways to continuously improve our relationships with our clients and their employees. This has made us a valued strategic partner for investment advisors, plan sponsors and plan participants alike.




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