Participant Support Services

DRS offers robust yet accessible services for plan participants. We make plan participants’ accounts easier to use, easier to understand and more secure, through an intuitive participant web interface, convenient email statements, insightful educational tools and industry-leading account security.

Online Account Services

Our easy-to-navigate, secure website is where plan participants can enroll, apply for loans, change future contribution rates and investment elections, and place exchanges. Complete account information is available, along with key documents and forms, exchange information, instructions for using DRS’ planning tools (such as projections and loan modeling). Our participant website also delivers extensive fund information designed to make choosing the right investment a little easier. Commonly asked questions are addressed in detail as well.

Online Investment Advice and Retirement Planning

DRS offers on-line education and planning tools to assist participants in making the type of sound investment and retirement planning decisions that will pay dividends well into the future. These tools help educate participants about their investment options, determine their retirement needs, and effortlessly implement an investment strategy to meet their goals.

Automatic Rebalancing

DRS offers plan participants the option of having their account balance periodically realigned to match their most recent investment election. The automatic rebalance feature ensures that a participant’s account continues to be invested according to his or her preferred asset allocation strategy.

This unique feature lets plan participants put their retirement accounts on autopilot—saving them the hassle of manually rebalancing when market gains have repositioned their accounts. Participants may schedule automatic rebalancing to occur on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

Online Fund Prospectus

For those participants in plans utilizing mutual funds, a complete set of on-line fund Prospectuses are available through links distributed throughout our website. As a result, all of the information contained in these reports from investment objective and strategy, to internal expenses are always at your finger tips.

Email Statements

Participants may elect to receive email statements daily, weekly or monthly. Email statements enable participants to monitor their accounts without accessing the DRS website or phone system. In addition to listing individual fund holdings and recent transactions, these statements also report:

  • Inception-to-Date Deferrals
  • Total Deferrals for the Current Period
  • Total Account Balance and Vested Account Balance
  • Current Earnings for the Period
  • Personal Rate of Return for the Period

DRS’ email statement service is provided free of charge for both the participant and the plan sponsor.

Archived Account Statements

Starting in 2010, plan participant's ability to view historical activity, performance, and asset distribution on-line has been combined with a new archived statement engine. This combination allows for the participant to request and receive electronically, statements for any custom period while DRS has provided services for the plan. This means that participants can analyze and print a statement for any period (years, multiple years combined, any combination of archived reports desired) back to the plan's inception assuming DRS has been the plan's service provider.


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