Plan Administration Services

We believe one the most important features a TPA can offer its clients is the ability to clearly see what is happening within their plans, including being able to track outstanding items and issues.

We keep plan representatives in the know through our comprehensive, yet easy-to-use plan sponsor website, our Automated Compliance Alert System (ACAS) and our friendly, knowledgeable plan support team.

Sponsor Website

With just a glance at the dashboard on the secure home page, plan sponsors can quickly see active and terminated participant counts, current fund balances, average account balances and recent account activity. Detailed payroll, distribution and participant loan records can also be reviewed online.

Plan sponsors can quickly search for participants, using convenient pre-set searches or their own custom search criteria, and can download reports from any search. For maximum flexibility, a plan sponsor can establish multiple user accounts, each with its own discrete level of access to plan- and participant-level information.

Automated Compliance Alert System

DRS’ Automated Compliance Alert System (ACAS) is a one-of-a-kind, proactive system that reviews areas of concern on a daily basis, and notifies our clients before problems arise.

ACAS continually reviews system data and outputs, generating alert notices where appropriate to notify our clients of possible compliance issues. DRS clients rest assured that they will be aware of upcoming events—as well as potential oversights—far in advance of them becoming a matter requiring corrective action.

Plan Support Team

Our Plan Support Department team members are located in our Longmont, Colorado office and have, on average, more than five years of experience in the retirement plan industry. The quality of our plan support is greatly enhanced by plan support team members having direct access to department managers and our company’s key executives.


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